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31 Dec

it just dawned upon me that everything beautiful will eventually break our hearts. Or, our hands will eventually break everything that is beautiful.
Things always end up being so ugly.


It’s A.D. 2016.

22 Dec
It's A.D. 2016. by Arthur Zdrinc
It’s A.D. 2016., a photo by Arthur Zdrinc on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Cover Design by Tyler Etters

digital album released 12/22/12


It’s A.D. 2016.

22 Dec

It’s A.D. 2016.

It is finished.

269.15 Kelvin

21 Dec

-4 °C


Extended Love

11 Dec

On this dreary night
Dark damp and hazily out of sight
To whom do I extend this vessel
To whom do I extend this love
A ship set to sail, out on voyage
Swimming along the gilded shore
Going forward,
Floating onward,
Not awaiting that white dove
The heavens twisting and turning
The waves spinning and churning
Everything clashing, like mortar and pestle
Everything collapsing, like earth and entropy
Everyone’s shame, like molasses and caulobacter crescentus
Everyone’s faith, like water and steam
There is another way.
There is no other way.
Let us not evoke the yesteryears
Or look forward with broken ears
Let us hold hands and jump
In love; abandon ship.

~ ~ ~

Watercolour & Sharpie

Watercolour & Sharpie

If The Ocean Were A Day Older

9 Dec

Via Flickr:
I wouldn’t be here.

Hallow Bastion…

7 Dec

The size of a man’s heart. 
~ ~ ~ 
This is for you. I’m going to do another one too. 
I decided it would be best. Since sickness has kept you in rest. 
For you to be so happy. I can only dream after I nappy… 
Your hair; Blonde as a raven. 
Made of Real Gold; Which Midas hand never raved in. 
And NOW!!! I must say… 
My breath; You have taken away. 
My lungs; I’ve lost them… they’ve fallen far astray. 
To embarrass myself, I shall bestow. 
Upon every moment, even eternity’s frown. 
Of this Life, or of this Death. 
Whether bright Light, or this black whole’s path. 
I have chosen the latter, 
I have chosen the raven, 
The prettiest of birds, 
And most beautifullest of herds, 
So much So, I make my own words. 
And I’m not even drunk. 
My liver is not sunk. 
I speak the words of a sober king. 
One who enjoys Hallows Eve. 
To make a point I shoot through this ring. 
So NOW you KNOW, that I am NOT naive.